Bag of Tricks I

From time to time, we'll post a handful of magic weapons for your use and inspiration.  These will be under the heading of our Bag of Tricks column.  Bag of Tricks items will be written for 5E games, but can be altered to suit the mechanics of your favorite system. Today, we've got three weapons:  The Vaulting Spear, The Slumbering Sword, and the Orphan's Blade.

Vaulting Spear: (Rare, Requires Attunement)

This +1 longspear bears a coiled spiral pattern along its haft, and a thick linen grip at its butt.  As a bonus action, an attuned wielder can cause the spear to momentarily extend, granting an additional 5 feet of reach to the weapon for one attack or granting the wielder an additional 10 feet of vertical jump and 20 feet of horizontal jump.

When a creature of size Large or smaller misses on a melee attack against the wielder, she may use her reaction to extend the butt of the spear as she blocks, pushing the creature 5 feet away from her.

Slumbering Sword:  (Rare)

This longsword is stuck fast in its fine metal scabbard, which is decorated with the tableau of a bare autumn tree with locust larvae nestled into its roots and a den beneath it where a rabbit and fox lay curled around one another.  Attempts to force it free are fruitless, but even in its scabbard, it remains a +1 weapon which does 1d8 bludgeoning damage.

Loud noises in the vicinity of the slumbering sword sometimes elicit a quiet, whispery snore or yawn from the blade, but it still refuses to draw from its scabbard-- if anything it wedges itself down even more tightly.  When attacking a target that is yelling or otherwise making a continuous loud noise with its scabbard, the Slumbering Sword grants its wielder advantage on the attack roll (perhaps the sword equivalent of swatting blindly at the alarm).

If the wielder ever takes thunder damage, this is finally too loud for the sword to ignore.  The distinct blade-on-metal sound of a drawn sword turns out to be only the first consonant in the hissed words, "Shhhhut up!" as the blade jumps into its owner's hand, and as it slashes through flesh and bone, rather than the usual slicing sounds, it makes an angry shushing.

While drawn, the Slumbering Sword functions as a +3 longsword that does an extra 2d6 force damage when it strikes.  Once the violence has ended, it attempts to snap back into its scabbard and resume slumbering, lashing out at anyone who tries to stop it.

If awoken intentionally by its wielder or her companions, the sword may comply with their wishes... once or twice, but if the behavior continues, it may turn on them.

Orphan Blade (Very Rare, Requires Attunement, Cursed)

This short, chipped dagger doesn't look magical at first glance, but does bear an engraving of a broken triangle at the base of the blade.  It functions as a +1 dagger, except that, when it strikes a living creature, the attack deals damage to the target's mother (if alive) instead of the target.  If the target's mother is dead, it deals damage to the target's father, instead.  If the target has no living parents, it functions as a +1 dagger as normal.