"No God For Dirt" Production Diary #1

Hi! I’m Dylan. Mike and I started Monster Darlings with the idea that we would make longer pieces of RPG related writing in addition to our blog posts. I had had an idea that I’d been kicking around for a while, and I decided to start making it playable. Kicking it around with steel toe boots, as it were. Here’s the pitch: No God For Dirt

It’s a fantasy Western about the clash of cultures - the two great empires of this world, Zaelondia and the Acobi, face an unprecedented conflict. The Zaelondian culture worships food: each god has an ingredient, and each ingredient is evidence of a new god. The faith of their adherents allows them to perform wonders. The Acobi, on the other hand, channel their focus into religious contemplation of their dual-faced God, and they have discovered sacred geometry - magical numerology that pulls creatures and spirits from other worlds into this one.

Their neighbor to the west, a continent spanning civilization equal parts Aztec and dark fey, was waging a terrible war on all of humanity. In desperation, Zaelondia sent a strike force that did … something … that all but wiped out the Icricu menace, leaving the West open for expansion. Since then, Zaelondia has led the colonization of the old Icricu lands, snatching up territory left and right, but the Acobi are not far behind. Wild West boomtowns are thronged with culinary devotees who can tell your fortune in a pile of peanut shells, or turn into the ducks or bulls whose meat they worship. Mingled with them are the summons of Acobi sages - tiny whirlwinds of sand and smoke, hulking devils wearing black ten gallon hats between their horns, earth elementals flat on top like mesas. Who will dominate the West? Who will tame the wild plains? Who will discover the terrible secret that lies at the very heart of the old Icricu capitol?

Right now...

...my plan is that by the end of this I will have a fully designed manual for this setting, detailing the different cultures, locations, notable NPCs, recent history, a sample adventure, and everything else you would need to start playing EXCEPT for a system. I want this game to be playable with any universal roleplaying system or whatever the GM decides to use, which means leaving that part for each GM to invent. Obviously I’ll include suggestions on how to play with some very common universal systems, but this is supposed to be a setting guide - I want it to focus on the setting.

I’m really excited about this project! I’m gonna be posting Production Diaries every so often. Right now I have an outline, most of the background on Zaelondia, and some of the background on the Acobi. As I fill in more background and come up with cool new stuff, I’ll be posting about it here.