Gender at the Gaming Table (Masterpost)

This is an index of essays about how to handle gender in tabletop roleplaying games, and particularly for game masters who want to run an inclusive, representative game.

My assumption in writing these is that you, a cis reader, want transgender and nonbinary players to be safe and comfortable, but that you may not know very much about them. I’ve tried not to use terminology that you won’t understand, as long as you understand the words “cis/cisgender,” “trans/transgender,” and “dysphoria.” I also use the word “queer” as an inclusive label covering all LGBTQ+ identities.

Now, a disclaimer: I’m not any kind of academic authority on games OR on gender. I’m just a trans/nonbinary GM who’s thought about the subject a lot.

Gender can be an incredibly dense and nuanced subject matter, so it’s possible that other trans/nonbinary people may disagree with my experiences, conclusions and language. Always believe and accept the experiences of real, live trans people over anything you’ve read on the internet!

I write a little bit about the intersections of sexuality, race and ability with gender in these articles, and I inevitably mention intersex conditions over the course of the discussion, but I’m especially not an expert on those subjects. For a starting point on thinking about race and culture in RPGs, I suggest this article by James Mendez Hodes, which helped inspire me to put these trans inclusivity resources together.

All that said, here’s my advice. You can skip around, but I’ve put it all in a roughly instructive order, so if you feel lost try going back to any skipped articles:

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