Other Voices on Gender-Inclusive Roleplaying

This post is a place for other trans people to express their feelings, anecdotes, advice and opinions related to the series of articles I’ve written to enable cis people to help represent trans characters in RPGs. Trans issues are so vast and nuanced it would a mistake to feature only my perspective on them, and not to leave space for others to add their voices.

Comments for this post are ON, but moderated, so comments will appear on a delay. Only comments from trans and nonbinary people (who make their identities clear in the comment) will be approved. I welcome dissenting and contrary opinions from other trans folks, and will absolutely approve them, provided that I can judge them to be (A) not bigoted in any way and (B) constructive.

If you’re cisgender and want to talk about what I’ve written, you’re more than welcome to do it on your own platforms.